Saturday, April 9, 2011

Amazing Auctions Ending Today at Fantasy Faire!

If you are a skin junkie then you need to pay attention now. There are 3 beautiful skins packages up for auction for Relay for Life at the Fantasy Faire. The auction ends tonight (Saturday) at 6pm SLT so that means you have just under 12 hours to still get in a bid and win something truly special.

First up is the Fat Pack of all Fat Pack from Plastik! EVERY single Lionheart Skin,
  • EVERY single Ataciara skin INCLUDING special editions and event editions!
  • 6 Fatpacks of eyes - The Maleficus Collection The Jaded Collection The Vae Collection The Oni Collection The Haunt Collection The BRAAAINS! collection.
  • Tons of new makeups for the Ataciara skins, random tattoos, and lots, lots, lots more!
You do NOT want to miss the chance to own this massive collection of skins from Aikea Rieko! It is simply brilliant and you will kick yourself if you don't at least come and consider bidding!

Next up is a One-of-a-Kind Transferable Family Skin Package from Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods!

Now you can have spouts that really do look like Mom and Dad. You can have a whole extended family with 2 Male, 2 Female, and 2 Sapling skin sets (a total of 12 transferable skins) to hand out to your loved ones! Create your own grove of Enchanted Arboreals. If you know that your family is one of a kind, then make a bid on this Family collection of skins and show the world what that uniqueness looks like. You won't regret your decision!

Finally we have another Custom skin collection from ~Mynerva~. Rhapzody Wilde just recently launched her Fantasy skin line but she came out of the gates with power!

This is the beautiful Amethyst skin, which for the Fantasy Faire Auction is offered in a One Time Only delicate purple shade to compliment the RFL colors. The skin package comes with 6 skins including cleavage enhancement options and glow lights. This is a lovely skin that will mark you as the benevolent and generous being that you are.

There you have it. Three breathtaking skin collections only available by auction at the Fantasy Faire. Remember 6pm SLT Saturday is the deadline to bet if you want a chance to own one of these works of art.

Moonbeam to Fantasy Faire Auctions

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