Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mysts - An Interactive Story at Fantasy Faire 2011

Dear Fantasy Lover,
Please join us in developing an Interactive story that will unfold day by day at the Fantasy Faire 2011.

Daily a new chapter will appear with new possibilities and gifts to discover the realm of Enchanted Mysts and understand the Spirit of Relay for Life while you play and explore.

The Evolution of the Story will also depend on you, so come Help the Realm when you are asked The reward will be worth the effort!

The Quest has started and today monumental decisions are being made.

Let's recap! In Chapter I we learned that Princess Ilear will celebrate her 100th birthday by ascending to the Throne of the Mysts. There is general rejoicing by all throughout the Lands of Fantastical Faireness and people are making the journey to Mysts to be part of the celebration. However tragedy strikes! Just days before her Crowning, Princess Ilear vanishes! The people of Mysts are frantic with worry as they scour the land in search of their beloved princess. Meanwhile back at the castle, researchers are desperately searching the archives in hopes of discovering why their Guardian Orb has disappeared!

Today in the Saga... Chapter III: The Choice

Oh People of the Mysts, we need your prayers and voice to awaken the Stone, to free the only one who'll be able to save us from the Ancient threat that descended over us. With the help of Citizens we discovered our Noble Heir, Ilear is hiding to avoid being captured by an Evil entity of the name of Utmah which we thought was our Guardian in all those Millenia.... and the Imprisoned Stone, the Captive, the Fallen, which we kept guarded day and night was discovered our only possibility and Hope to save the Realm and our Princess!

So we call you all to attend the powerful reunion of Hope and Prayers, to raise the magic and free the One of Stone. Come many and let's together reach the hoped goal, we need your help!

As you walk through the Palace towards the Jailing, the Royal advisor approaches you, looking left and right, suspiciously: Listen, Go to the Jailing and do as you pray, but do not put your efforts in it. Let's keep the Fallen jailed and let Utmah grab the Princess, maybe he will reward us richly for taking his part...huh? What do you think?

Remember when I said you would be asked to help? Well HELP!

Come help free The Fallen (aka Alia Baroque) from his prison on Enchanted Mysts on Thursday, April 7 @ 2pm SLT. To help encourage you there are rich rewards!

Are you on the side of good? Then help free the Fallen!

Do you think Evil should conquer all? Well evil has its own rewards!

No matter which you choose Relay wins! Go Relay!

Story by Alia Baroque - Fallen Gods

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