Saturday, April 9, 2011

Amazing Auctions Ending Today at Fantasy Faire!

If you are a skin junkie then you need to pay attention now. There are 3 beautiful skins packages up for auction for Relay for Life at the Fantasy Faire. The auction ends tonight (Saturday) at 6pm SLT so that means you have just under 12 hours to still get in a bid and win something truly special.

First up is the Fat Pack of all Fat Pack from Plastik! EVERY single Lionheart Skin,
  • EVERY single Ataciara skin INCLUDING special editions and event editions!
  • 6 Fatpacks of eyes - The Maleficus Collection The Jaded Collection The Vae Collection The Oni Collection The Haunt Collection The BRAAAINS! collection.
  • Tons of new makeups for the Ataciara skins, random tattoos, and lots, lots, lots more!
You do NOT want to miss the chance to own this massive collection of skins from Aikea Rieko! It is simply brilliant and you will kick yourself if you don't at least come and consider bidding!

Next up is a One-of-a-Kind Transferable Family Skin Package from Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods!

Now you can have spouts that really do look like Mom and Dad. You can have a whole extended family with 2 Male, 2 Female, and 2 Sapling skin sets (a total of 12 transferable skins) to hand out to your loved ones! Create your own grove of Enchanted Arboreals. If you know that your family is one of a kind, then make a bid on this Family collection of skins and show the world what that uniqueness looks like. You won't regret your decision!

Finally we have another Custom skin collection from ~Mynerva~. Rhapzody Wilde just recently launched her Fantasy skin line but she came out of the gates with power!

This is the beautiful Amethyst skin, which for the Fantasy Faire Auction is offered in a One Time Only delicate purple shade to compliment the RFL colors. The skin package comes with 6 skins including cleavage enhancement options and glow lights. This is a lovely skin that will mark you as the benevolent and generous being that you are.

There you have it. Three breathtaking skin collections only available by auction at the Fantasy Faire. Remember 6pm SLT Saturday is the deadline to bet if you want a chance to own one of these works of art.

Moonbeam to Fantasy Faire Auctions

Friday, April 8, 2011

Frippery Goes to Fantasy Faire!

Frippery is at Fantasy Faire! Running from now until Sunday, April 10, the Fantasy Faire is must do event for everyone. Breathtaking sims, brilliant creators, wonderful cause! Plus I have newness there so come and see!

See everything that is going on at the Faire by checking out the Fantasy Faire blog.

Here are my RFL offerings - something for everyone from Fantasy Fanatic to Fashionista!

I say they are for females but don't let that fool you. They are fully modifiable so an adventureous, prim bending male could certainly make them work (or even ask for help - I'm happy to assist with modifications)!

Only 25L a play in the RFL gacha vendor so there is no excuse to not collect all 7 colors! They are even tradeable. Help the butterflies take over the grid - one nose at a time!

Wear a reminder of this years RFL theme - Seasons of Hope. Tastefully understated, it is the perfect way for everyone to show their support all year long.

Frippery is on Enchanted Mysts so please stop by while you are wandering around. I would love to see you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mysts - An Interactive Story at Fantasy Faire 2011

Dear Fantasy Lover,
Please join us in developing an Interactive story that will unfold day by day at the Fantasy Faire 2011.

Daily a new chapter will appear with new possibilities and gifts to discover the realm of Enchanted Mysts and understand the Spirit of Relay for Life while you play and explore.

The Evolution of the Story will also depend on you, so come Help the Realm when you are asked The reward will be worth the effort!

The Quest has started and today monumental decisions are being made.

Let's recap! In Chapter I we learned that Princess Ilear will celebrate her 100th birthday by ascending to the Throne of the Mysts. There is general rejoicing by all throughout the Lands of Fantastical Faireness and people are making the journey to Mysts to be part of the celebration. However tragedy strikes! Just days before her Crowning, Princess Ilear vanishes! The people of Mysts are frantic with worry as they scour the land in search of their beloved princess. Meanwhile back at the castle, researchers are desperately searching the archives in hopes of discovering why their Guardian Orb has disappeared!

Today in the Saga... Chapter III: The Choice

Oh People of the Mysts, we need your prayers and voice to awaken the Stone, to free the only one who'll be able to save us from the Ancient threat that descended over us. With the help of Citizens we discovered our Noble Heir, Ilear is hiding to avoid being captured by an Evil entity of the name of Utmah which we thought was our Guardian in all those Millenia.... and the Imprisoned Stone, the Captive, the Fallen, which we kept guarded day and night was discovered our only possibility and Hope to save the Realm and our Princess!

So we call you all to attend the powerful reunion of Hope and Prayers, to raise the magic and free the One of Stone. Come many and let's together reach the hoped goal, we need your help!

As you walk through the Palace towards the Jailing, the Royal advisor approaches you, looking left and right, suspiciously: Listen, Go to the Jailing and do as you pray, but do not put your efforts in it. Let's keep the Fallen jailed and let Utmah grab the Princess, maybe he will reward us richly for taking his part...huh? What do you think?

Remember when I said you would be asked to help? Well HELP!

Come help free The Fallen (aka Alia Baroque) from his prison on Enchanted Mysts on Thursday, April 7 @ 2pm SLT. To help encourage you there are rich rewards!

Are you on the side of good? Then help free the Fallen!

Do you think Evil should conquer all? Well evil has its own rewards!

No matter which you choose Relay wins! Go Relay!

Story by Alia Baroque - Fallen Gods

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seems Its That Time Again

There is a thought that circulates around about shutting doors and opening windows. Right now Oubliette is experiencing the closing of a door. Milli Santos of No Strings Attached lives in Queensland, Australia and has been through some rough times in the last two months. She is now reconnected to the Internet and we know that she has weathered the multiple storms that nature threw at Queensland but unfortunately for Oubliette she is unsure at this point if she is going to be able to maintain her presence on the sim. This is perfectly understandable and while Milli will always be part of the Oubliette family in our hearts, she may soon no longer be a familiar face at the table as she ventures out to see where her fortunes lay.

This is a sad time at Oubliette. It is never easy to see one of our own leave. But this is where the part about open windows comes in. Even though a door is closing, the unbodied, all-knowing "They" promise that a window may soon open. I am eagerly watching windows to see if someone will climb in and join us. If you are looking for a new adventure and are keen on scaling walls and crawling in through windows, I can promise you a warm welcome and a place at the table.

Oubliette and Ode together are home to Evangeline Miles (Evie's Closet), Cane Sutter (Skinthesis), Nathalia Parisi (Captain's Quarters), and the amazing builder of our dreams Saiyge Lotus (Balderdash). If you are looking for a wonderful, slightly fantastical, but completely homey place to build your brand please do consider Oubliette. Feel free to contact me, Elizabeth Tinsley, with any inquiries by either IM, notecard, or email (

I invite you to visit Oubliette and Ode and experience the wonder for yourself.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Skating and Christmas Wishlists

Dear Friends,

The height of the Season is upon us as the days of this year count down to zero. Everyone is rushing around, hopefully joyfully, sharing the company and well wishes of friends and family that come this time of year. Oubliette as always is decked out in her Winter Finery and is a delight to behold in the glittering white wardrobe Saiyge has dressed her in. I am also excited to announce that with the icing over of the Loch, one of my favorite pastimes is once again available at Oubliette.

Skating is the word of the day and tonight, Saturday, December 18, Oubliette will be hosting a Skating Party from 4-6pm SLT to which you are all cordially invited. I know sometimes schedules keep us from always making the parties and events we would like to go to when they are happening, so please feel welcome to come and enjoy the Winter Wonderland that Oubliette has become any time over the next month. Also please be sure to pick up the presents under the Christmas Tree at Ode as friends both near and far have set out some lovely gifts to share with all of you.

As for Frippery's gift to all of you this year, I have thought long and hard about this. One of the things I enjoy best about this time of year is the giving of gifts. It is sometimes hard though to pick the right gift for each person on your list, so what I have decided to do this year is let you all pick your own gift. From now until Saturday, December 25, I am inviting you all to come to Frippery and pick out your favorite piece. Just send me a notecard with your name and the piece you would like, color included if that is appropriate, and I will send it around to you wrapped in all the Best Wishes of the Season. All my pieces are transferable and that will not change so if your gift is to be given to someone else in turn then that will still be doable.

Thank you so much for enjoying Frippery throughout the year. It warms my heart to see you and to talk to you and to know that you appreciate what I make. I do hope that when you can you will come and visit Oubliette's Winter and perhaps even sneak over into Ode's meadow and enjoy the Flowers in their Seasonal Glory as well.

Wishes for Joy and Peace Through out the Coming Year,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Looking for Creative Types

Are you a creator who is looking for a collaborative community to join? Are you looking for a main store location that is a little different then the norm, somewhere you fit into the landscape holistically and not just as a collection of prims on a flat piece of land? Somewhere enchanted and inspiring with genuine traffic and fabulous neighbors? A sim that is already well courted by fashion bloggers and photographers as a favorite for backdrops? Well if any of these things sound appealing to you then perhaps you should come and take a look at Ode.

Ode has a long established reputation for beauty. Known for her field of seemingly never ending flowers, jeweled butterflies, and nighttime falling stars she is a favorite for couples seeking that romantic touch, individuals looking to a place of peace to relax and reflect, and photographers for the majestic views. She has joined with Oubliette, the home of Evie's Closet, Balderdash, Frippery, and No Strings Attached and is now part of a lush two sim escape full off nooks and crannies for exploring. Ode is getting a brush of new paint from the landscaping artist behind Oubliette and the creative mind behind Balderdash, Saiyge Lotus. The vibrant terrain compels you to want to lay down and roll in the verdant grass and run through the flowers. We are in the process of updating Ode with all the amazing possibilities now available to use through the creative use of sculpts, especially in the realm of flora and fauna.

We would like to ideally find two people to join us, though we are willing to consider other arrangements. We would love to have you join us now as we are refreshing Ode so that you can work with us to help create the perfect store front for you and Ode. We will do all landscaping and terraforming for you as well as help you design a build that works for your creations as well as fits intrinsically into the landscape of Ode.

The community at Oubliette is anticipating new people expectantly and welcome the chance to have new creators join our creative circle. We have in the past done community hunts and events and would like to do more of that including starting a estate group for people interested in following the activities and releases that go on across both the sims.

If you are looking for a wonderful, slightly fantastical, but completely homey place to build your brand please do consider Ode. Feel free to contact me, Elizabeth Tinsley, with any inquiries by either IM, notecard, or email (


Follow the trail of a falling star and come visit...

Important information:
Parcel: 3000 prims
Price: 25k per month
Teleporting: Direct to store
Media Control: Unfortunately no in order to create a fluid feeling through out the sim
Skyboxes: You are welcome to use your prim allotment however you would like including having a building platform just above 500m please
Traffic on Ode: average 10k (range 8-12k, higher end on the weekends)
Neighbors: Evangeline Miles (Evie's Closet), Saiyge Lotus (Balderdash), Elizabeth Tinsley (Frippery), Milli Santos (No Strings Attached)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Almost Over!

That's right the WILD. Released event ends Sunday, April 18 at 11:59 pm SLT! Don't wake up Monday realizing that you have missed out on collecting all those FABULOUS FREE PRIZES from the likes of Frippery (yes that's me!), Balderdash, and Evie's Closet (not to mention No Strings Attached, Flipside, and Studio Sidhe... oh! and I wouldn't want to forget [][]TRAP[][], Illusions, ~ silent sparrow ~, Schadenfreude, Fallen Gods Inc., Discord Designs). You will kick yourself if you let this final opportunity to get these limited edition prizes slip through your fingers. I'm telling, don't wait! There are ONLY twelve stores, even if you have no idea what I am talking about you can still take advantage of this event with only twelve stores! This isn't a small event, it is intimate and that is so much better.

Get all the information about who's involved and their FABULOUS FREE PRIZES at the WILD. Released website.

You can start your collection at Frippery. Honestly I don't mind one bit. And yes, the picture at the top of this post is a picture of my FABULOUS FREE PRIZE!