Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Frippery Does the SL Daily Deal!

On January 6, 2010 Frippery gets the honor of being the SL Daily Deal! Woot!

100 rings offered for 50L apiece. And they are transferable so get one for you and a friend. :)

And of course, there is a story about how this piece came into existence.

I was working on a completely different project when the prims took it into their minds that they wanted to be a flower. I'm not much of a gardener in RL but in SL flora seems to simply bloom before me as I walk. The name came around because I was supposed to be doing something else but when the Muse calls I can't help but chase her. Thus Chasing Tangents was born, and I found another lovely blossom to add to my collection. Possibly you will to if you are quick!

As always this piece has no textures, no scripts. Just unadorned prims twisted, cut, and hollowed in such a way to create a cascade of faces to catch the natural SL light with every move. The light dances off the prims in a kaleidoscope of colors making the jewelry come alive.

Taxi to Frippery

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