Monday, January 18, 2010

Thank You, Winter Jefferson

I am part of the 2010 - The Future is Now! event currently going on at the Greenies sim, but before I take time to show you the marvels I made and toot my own horn about my creative genius I would like to take a minute to say thank you to the man behind the curtain.

I know all the designers worked very hard to create amazing visions to a unified theme. The Avenue Models did a wonderful job in the face of what I am sure is typical fashion show lag that would have had me running for the hills and weeping in terror. A host of bloggers are going to be reviewing all of the creations over the next three weeks in what I am sure will be a cornucopia of exotic words and pictures, a true feast for the eyes. And all of these people will be thanked profusely for their participation by Winter Jefferson.

He will share his appreciation for the skill and creativity of all the designers while doing all he can to ensure that their experience is a positive one. He will applaud the models for their professionalism in turning out a beautifully choreographed show that is a delight to behold. He will gratefully acknowledge the monumental contribution of the countless bloggers recording every last detail of the designs from a myriad of different angles, each presenting the creation through fresh eyes and spreading the knowledge of the show throughout the diverse populations of Second Life. In essence, Winter will make sure that everyone involved in the show knows how essential their contribution is in the overall success of the event.

Long before any designer ever received an invitation to take part in 2010 - The Future is Now!, Winter was hard at work setting the wheels in motion that would ensure the success of this event. He hand picked a bevy of designers from genres spanning the breadth of the SL fashion universe. He sent out invitations and then waited to hear how people would respond. He joked about how some of the designers he contacted must surely have been amused to receive an invitation to “cyber” from a vampire, when I'm sure that was a ploy to diminish the anxiousness he felt waiting to find out who would confirm their participation. As he waited for the list to be finalized, he started the buzz of a new Rezzable show humming through the fashion world. Here and there references and sneak peeks of some of the designers to be included started popping up.

Finally the list was officially released and the real fun began, coordinating over 30 designers with a common theme and a deadline. Have you ever tried herding cats? Throw a couple of major worldwide holidays in there too just to mix it up and make it even more challenging. Somehow Winter not only accomplished getting us all to create something amazing for the show, he did it with a tact and grace that is uniquely his. I never once had a question that he was not available to answer. He was there to reassure when there was doubt any inspiration would come. He was understanding and patient about unexpected changes in schedules. He was enthusiastic and, more importantly, receptive to being the guinea pig for possibility after possibility, always offering up an opinion or suggestion that might start a whole new round of building.

As the deadline for turning in our designs approached and we all started slowing down from the creative frenzies we had been in, Winter's work was really just starting. As the creations came pouring in he sat up sorting, taking pictures, and writing descriptions for all the blogger boxes he was making up to send out to those fellow writers who would help alert the fashion world to the newly minted designs that were poised to launch us all into a new decade of style. Working with the Rezzable team of designers a stage and display area were erected high above the Greenies home to house the collection and host the fashion shows. Pieces were sent out to the Avenue models so they could be fitted and choreographed into the show. Vendors were finally sent out and the last flurry of activity from the designers was in motion. In the 48 hours before the opening of the show, I have to wonder how much sleep Winter actually got. He never seemed more then a moment away from being right there to answer last minute questions, and sort out any unexpected glitches that might present themselves.

While the designers were busy setting up their vendors, the models were doing their dress rehearsal, and the bloggers were taking pictures and writing posts that would start appearing after 12 noon SLT on January 17th when 2010 – The Future is Now! opened, Winter was doing what event organizers do and no one ever knows about, he was orchestrating everything. One eye to the dress rehearsal and one ear to questions about vendors he bounced from activity to activity making sure everything was in place, trying to anticipate the unexpected and correct it before it could happen, being the consummate ringmaster, and doing it all so effectively that he made it look almost effortless. However if you still believe that what he accomplished with the opening of this show was easy, then you haven't been paying attention.

There would be no 2010 – The Future is Now! show without the contributions of many people, but in my mind no one deserves a round of applause more then Winter Jefferson himself for the devotion and dedication he displays in bringing shows like this one to life. It is an honor to work with you Winter and to be included in something so very special. Thank you for all you do.

Your ride to the show


Anonymous said...

a true and well deserved post!

Sugarr said...

Winter has been my friend now for a long time. I am deeply touched to read this accolade which I know he more than richly deserves. Thank you Elizabeth.