Monday, April 5, 2010

Invitation to Enchantment

Oubliette, home to Evie's Closet, Balderdash, Frippery, and No Strings Attached, is looking to expand her borders by acquiring another sim. Oubliette is lovingly maintained by Saiyge Lotus and Elizabeth Tinsley and is among one of the most beautiful and enchanted sims on the grid. We have a very unique way of doing things at Oubliette and are looking for people who are interested in collaboration and being part of a community.

We have worked hard to create an aesthetic at Oubliette where commerce and explorability go hand in hand. We don't simply have stores plopped down around the sim with no rhyme or reason, everything fits into Oubliette and has a reason for the way it has evolved. In a world where things are in constant flux, Oubliette feels as old as time, as if SL grew up around it.

If you would be interested in joining such a community, we invite you to come and explore Oubliette. Let her envelop you in enchanted veil and listen for her siren's song. If you find your soul resonates with her's forming a melodic harmony as you walk beneath the cool, sun-dappled canopy of her haunted forest, then chances are there may well be a place for you on her mist shrouded shores.

Please contact me with any questions. I'd love to discuss the possibility of having you come and join us on Oubliette.

Elizabeth Tinsley

Catch a ride by moonbeam to Oubliette

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