Monday, May 17, 2010

Looking for Creative Types

Are you a creator who is looking for a collaborative community to join? Are you looking for a main store location that is a little different then the norm, somewhere you fit into the landscape holistically and not just as a collection of prims on a flat piece of land? Somewhere enchanted and inspiring with genuine traffic and fabulous neighbors? A sim that is already well courted by fashion bloggers and photographers as a favorite for backdrops? Well if any of these things sound appealing to you then perhaps you should come and take a look at Ode.

Ode has a long established reputation for beauty. Known for her field of seemingly never ending flowers, jeweled butterflies, and nighttime falling stars she is a favorite for couples seeking that romantic touch, individuals looking to a place of peace to relax and reflect, and photographers for the majestic views. She has joined with Oubliette, the home of Evie's Closet, Balderdash, Frippery, and No Strings Attached and is now part of a lush two sim escape full off nooks and crannies for exploring. Ode is getting a brush of new paint from the landscaping artist behind Oubliette and the creative mind behind Balderdash, Saiyge Lotus. The vibrant terrain compels you to want to lay down and roll in the verdant grass and run through the flowers. We are in the process of updating Ode with all the amazing possibilities now available to use through the creative use of sculpts, especially in the realm of flora and fauna.

We would like to ideally find two people to join us, though we are willing to consider other arrangements. We would love to have you join us now as we are refreshing Ode so that you can work with us to help create the perfect store front for you and Ode. We will do all landscaping and terraforming for you as well as help you design a build that works for your creations as well as fits intrinsically into the landscape of Ode.

The community at Oubliette is anticipating new people expectantly and welcome the chance to have new creators join our creative circle. We have in the past done community hunts and events and would like to do more of that including starting a estate group for people interested in following the activities and releases that go on across both the sims.

If you are looking for a wonderful, slightly fantastical, but completely homey place to build your brand please do consider Ode. Feel free to contact me, Elizabeth Tinsley, with any inquiries by either IM, notecard, or email (


Follow the trail of a falling star and come visit...

Important information:
Parcel: 3000 prims
Price: 25k per month
Teleporting: Direct to store
Media Control: Unfortunately no in order to create a fluid feeling through out the sim
Skyboxes: You are welcome to use your prim allotment however you would like including having a building platform just above 500m please
Traffic on Ode: average 10k (range 8-12k, higher end on the weekends)
Neighbors: Evangeline Miles (Evie's Closet), Saiyge Lotus (Balderdash), Elizabeth Tinsley (Frippery), Milli Santos (No Strings Attached)

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