Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Skating and Christmas Wishlists

Dear Friends,

The height of the Season is upon us as the days of this year count down to zero. Everyone is rushing around, hopefully joyfully, sharing the company and well wishes of friends and family that come this time of year. Oubliette as always is decked out in her Winter Finery and is a delight to behold in the glittering white wardrobe Saiyge has dressed her in. I am also excited to announce that with the icing over of the Loch, one of my favorite pastimes is once again available at Oubliette.

Skating is the word of the day and tonight, Saturday, December 18, Oubliette will be hosting a Skating Party from 4-6pm SLT to which you are all cordially invited. I know sometimes schedules keep us from always making the parties and events we would like to go to when they are happening, so please feel welcome to come and enjoy the Winter Wonderland that Oubliette has become any time over the next month. Also please be sure to pick up the presents under the Christmas Tree at Ode as friends both near and far have set out some lovely gifts to share with all of you.

As for Frippery's gift to all of you this year, I have thought long and hard about this. One of the things I enjoy best about this time of year is the giving of gifts. It is sometimes hard though to pick the right gift for each person on your list, so what I have decided to do this year is let you all pick your own gift. From now until Saturday, December 25, I am inviting you all to come to Frippery and pick out your favorite piece. Just send me a notecard with your name and the piece you would like, color included if that is appropriate, and I will send it around to you wrapped in all the Best Wishes of the Season. All my pieces are transferable and that will not change so if your gift is to be given to someone else in turn then that will still be doable.

Thank you so much for enjoying Frippery throughout the year. It warms my heart to see you and to talk to you and to know that you appreciate what I make. I do hope that when you can you will come and visit Oubliette's Winter and perhaps even sneak over into Ode's meadow and enjoy the Flowers in their Seasonal Glory as well.

Wishes for Joy and Peace Through out the Coming Year,

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