Thursday, April 2, 2009

So Let's Not Rush Things

It's been almost three months to the day since I started this blog and I figure it is about time to make entry number two! One might think I haven't much to say and that is the reason that this blog seldom gets updated. I can assure you I have a lot to say. I just seldom find the time to say it here. :)

So anyway I have been doing a spot of building. Actually have been building for a year this month and have just finally got around after much pushing and shoving by those who care and know more then I to opening a store. That's right, I am here to say to anyone stumbling around and happening upon this blog, I have a store. A jewelry store in a virtual world called Second Life. It's called Frippery (seemed apropos) and its high in a tree on the floating enigma that is Oubliette. Dear adventurer consider this your invitation to come and visit out shores... and of course more importantly the stores upon those shores as we all appreciate a little linden love and recognition for our hard work.

Oubliette, for those who don't know or have never been, has been most beautiful created by Saiyge Lotus, terraformer, landscaper, and dreamer extraordinaire. I take some credit for supplying the muse behind the scenes and I may have even placed a tree or two, but Saiyge alone welds the power of the land. A land that anyone can see has been carved with the love and skill of a great artisan. And yes this is my blog and I can be as flowery and complimentary as I like, so there. And you would have every right to disagree with me if everything I said wasn't 100% true and recognizable by any fool with eyes enough to see.

But enough of the waxing poetic for now, down to cold hard commerce. The stores. We are fortunate to have such lovely and creative people calling Oubliette their home. Saiyge of course has set up Balderdash at Oubliette and I have the aforementioned Frippery. Evie's Closet by Evangeline Miles, Winx Home & Garden by Whimsy Winx, and Ex-Pose by Milli Santos round out the neighbors. We also have a newly acquired stray SL sculptor by the nomiker of Red Randt displaying art prims in a small garden cottage on the eastern shores of the island.

I am sure I should post pictures because afterall that is what everyone likes to see, and I'm absolutely positive one of these days I will get around to thinking about taking a picture that I can post. Until then you will simply have to make do with my descriptive prose. And on that note, I think I hear a faint voice calling... in fact I'm sure I do. Must dash.

Until next time...

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