Friday, November 20, 2009

Elizabeth and the Faery Queene

There is a new gown gracing the arched halls of Evie's Closet and I was fortunate enough to have Evie choose my jewelry to compliment her delicious confection. The gown is named Elizabeth and is, in my mind anyways, in the style of Queen Elizabeth's court. Thus it seemed appropriate to call the jewelry set I made The Faery Queene, a reference to Edmund Spenser's poetic tribute to the Virgin Queen herself.

There are seven luxuriously hued gowns to choose from. I have picked a few of my favorites to showcase here. The gown itself can be worn with or without the jacket, though I admit I love the jacket and collar option myself, and because of this, I made a special point of including a version of the necklace in my set that combines the necklace and collar on one attachment point.

As always with Evie's creations the craftsmanship is flawless and to move in this gown is like floating on air. It is the attention to detail that Evie lavishes on all her pieces that make them among the most gorgeous of possessions one can own in Second Life. Evie says that this gown was named for me, and even though I stand by my idea that it should have been named for Queen Elizabeth, I have to admit wearing it makes me feel like a queen. I don't doubt that it will do the same for you.

And now for the jewels! Presently there are seven versions of The Faery Queene available, all in colors coordinated to compliment Evie's gown. The set is a deep antiqued gold which is a match for the gold embroidery work on the Elizabeth gown. The set itself contains no textures or scripts and depends wholly on the interaction between the SL light and the multifaceted twisted, hollowed, and cut miniature prims to create its illusion of coming alive against your skin.

Elizabeth and The Faery Queene are also available in Purple and Forest Green and can be purchased at Evie's Closet or Frippery.

I invite you to come and take a look today. You won't regret it.

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