Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Enough to Eat

I know they look good enough to eat but these gingerbread houses are not for eating. These delicious confections are ear candy that carry the promise of making all your Christmas dreams come true. These amazing earrings are just the latest examples of the mad building skills of one Ms. Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash in the fair land of Oubliette (another one of her creations btw that is all decked out in wintery goodness and is a must see for anyone craving snow).

I know the first picture alone can't allow you to fully appreciate the magnificence of these earrings. The detail work is priceless, all the more so when you realize that these earrings measure at the base a whopping 1.5 mm. These things are T-I-N-Y! But thank goodness they are because they look perfect hanging from my earlobe. I have decided they are the ultimate Christmas accessory. If you don't have these I feel that perhaps months from now you will look back on Christmas 2009 and lament the circumstances that prohibited you from enjoying these sweets when you could and I wish to spare you that ache. So go get them NOW! :)

This Holly Jolly Barrette is my second favorite must have accessory from Balderdash for the Yuletide season. Its great both on hair but also on hats and hats are a must when going out and enjoying all the winter wonderfulness that is Second Life in December.

Last but not least the (almost) whole ensemble. I found my new hair this weekend while visiting the list of stores offering exclusives through the Stumblebum Brigrade. I love the pompoms! The sweater is actually this weekend's limited edition offering from Milk Motion. There are a few more hours to go and get it and then it will be gone from the grid forever and, according to the notecard advertising the event, I will feel all exclusive and stuff because I own something that almost no one else has. Go me!

Finally a word about the skin I am wearing. It is from Ugly Duck and makes me feel like anything but an ugly duckling. However it is not the skin I wish to comment on because these skins have been getting the royal treatment lately in the blogs. I had the lovely pleasure of meeting Fade Lei today, the designer behind the Ugly Duck creations. She was so passionate about her process and made me feel so at home in the store that I simply wanted to say thank you in a public forum. :)

Now for the links you have all been waiting for:

Gingerbread Folly Earrings from Balderdash
Holly Jolly Barrette from Balderdash
Turtleneck~The Cashmere - wine from *BOOM*
Sweater~my short cardigan leopard pink by Milk Motion (weekend exclusive)
Hair~Cuddle Puddle from Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Skin~Plain Jane from Ugly Duck

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