Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mittens ala Frippery

Get ready for the snow to fall with stylish homespun bejeweled mittens! Whether building snowmen or waging the snowball fight of the decade it is important to be stylish when keeping those pixelated digits out of the cold.

Scene detailing is unadorned prims twisted, cut, and hollowed in such a way to create a cascade of faces to catch the natural SL light with every move. The light dances off the prims in a kaleidoscope of colors making the jewelry come alive.

As a special holiday gift to you every purchase made at Frippery from now through December 25 includes two complete sets, one copy and one transferable. The copy set is my gift to you as you spread the joy of the season and pass along the transferable set to someone on your Christmas list.

Enjoy! :)

Sleigh to Frippery

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